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Attention: everiPixel has been archived. This is now a static view of the board after getting some engagement during the hackathon. All features have been disabled.

Archive notice

This site is now an archive of the everiPixel hackathon entry. The text below is kept as it was while the site was operational.

What is this?

everiPixel is a demonstration of the everiToken blockchain and its Non Fungible Token feature.

Above is a canvas of 50x50 pixels, each of which can be owned and transfered individually.

Currently pixels can be claimed freely by anyone and set to any color you want.

Transfering pixels to someone else is possible, but requires knowledge of everitoken's API. I do have plans to facilitate that via the UI in a future release.

It is currently running against a self hosted single node of the blockchain at Though the intention is to move it to the mainnet eventually.

Why did you make this?

This project was made to help myself and others understand features of the blockchain better.

I always learn best when I have a hands on way to play with the concepts I am learning. Hopefully this also helps others in that way.

I made it for everiToken's global hackathon in 2018.

It was submitted to the Open Challenge, which was to "Build anything related to the everiToken public chain."

What is the future for this project?

Currently, you'd have to be a bit technical and know everiToken's API before you would be able to transfer a pixel to someone else.

So I plan to implement ways to easily transfer, sell, and auction pixels

The canvas itself can be improved as well, my ambition is to get a 1000x1000 pixel canvas, though that might require some more cooperation with the everiToken team.

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